Bill Cosby Will be deposed by Victim’s Lawyer in Sexual Molestation Suit

The Californian Supreme Court has ordered Bill Cosby to answer the questions posed by the victim’s lawyer under oath.

The deposition has been approved by Craig D. Karlan, the Superior Court Judge in the L.A. County. Cosby, aged 77, has been accused by Judy Huth for molesting her in the Playboy Mansion when she was just 15-years-old.

In her filing, Huth has declared that she met Cosby for the first time in 1974. She was looking for an opportunity in the movies when he invited her for a meeting in the mansion, where he allegedly molested the young child. While the stature for criminal charges has already passed, she is not going to give up easily. The suit claims compensation for the psychological injuries caused by Cosby, for which he has been ordered to give sworn testimony. The deposition will take place on October 9th.

Bill Cosby

This is not the first time that Bill Cosby has been accused in a sexual assault case. He has been sued by multiple women and accused by many others who claimed that he molested them by giving drugs. The last deposition took place in 2005 which was kept under wraps until now. According to his statement, Cosby admitted that he has purchased Quaaludes so that he could give them to women he wanted to copulate with and has used it at least with one woman in the past.

The last deposition was made by Andrea Constad, who alleged that Cosby drugged her and touched her in the wrong manner. Over 45 different women have claimed that the star of the ‘The Cosby Show’ comic series has misbehaved with them. Most of the accusations date back to the 60s and 70s.

In her statement, Huth said that she met Cosby along with a friend in the year 1974 in a movie set. She was lured by the alleged assaulter to the Playboy mansion where he got her drunk and misbehaved with her. She added that she has suffered a lot and is psychologically hurt for which she needs an answer from the man responsible.

In the official court document, the D.A. said, “The stature of limitation act specifies that any potential sex crime from 1974 will be barred including the one filed by Huth”. The statement has been made based on recent incidents where a number of women have been accusing Cosby of the same crime repeatedly.

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