Blackened Mazda Racing Cars Readied for Tokyo Auto Show

A trio of concept vehicles is under production from the Mazda brand and their concepts will be revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show.

The color schemes are all black and if you love those chromium finishes with a touch of shadowy color strokes on top of it, the upcoming range of sports cars from Mazda will definitely impress you to the core. The set of images released showcase some of the best car concepts they are gearing up to showcase at the meet. The cars scheduled for lineup are the Mazda 6, CX-3, and Miata.


The designers have gone the extra mile to ensure the concepts look different and are future ready. In the RS Racing concept model, they have made slight alterations with aero mods as well as made the height adjustable. The Roadster RS concept is exceptionally sleek in design, is all black with lighter shades in specific spots and has a big grille making it look much bigger than the car actually is.

Out of the lot, the Mazda CX-3 racing is more appealing because of the fact that it borrows a lot of design elements from the original Mazda 3. The engineers have made some subtle changes and removed some of its features so as to allow the car to hit a price bracket that is more affordable for the common buyer.

Buyers can opt for the red accented aero kit which is quite contrasting to the all-black design and adds a touch of splendor. The interiors are made racy and looks much stylish than the previous models. Last in the list is the Atenza racing concept car. It is inspired by the popular City speak car that most fans would have noticed in the Blade Runner movie. The family sedan has been designed to its best possible level so that it allows you to enjoy its sportiness, but at the same time, the business-like design aesthetics make it an ideal commuter’s car.


Some of the unique features found in the sedan include the Mazda Speed aero parts, Alcantara smooth texture and larger concrete wheels. The pricing of the car has also been kept at the affordable level so that it becomes the most common choice for buyers who don’t prefer to worry about investing much on their everyday sedan. Mazda is treading the right path with their concepts and we might see them in action before the end of 2016.

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