BMW 1 Concept Compact Sedan Showcased at Guangzhou Motor Show

BMW is now vying to impress customers in China and has launched a brand new concept compact sedan at the Guangzhou motor show.

The Los Angeles motor show recently got over and paved way for the launch of a large number of cars from multiple brands. Compared to the LA show, the one which is taking place in China is completely different as it focuses on cars and SUVs that are loved by people in Southeast Asia. In order to find its place in the part of the world where BMW has a better hold than luxury car makers like Mercedes Benz and Porsche, the company showcased their new BMW 1 for the first time.


The car is expected to rival the likes of Audi A3 and the Mercedes Benz CLA sedans. It has been confirmed that the brand will not be bringing this brand new vehicle to other parts of the world and it will be exclusive to Chinese customers. With a population of over a billion, it is no wonder BMW decided to keep one of their compact sedans exclusive to the country. It is much easier to sell it to so many people at once than having to launch it in every region where restrictions and compliance policies keep varying.

On the exterior, the four-door car is equipped with robust 20-inch alloy wheels and the kidney grille often associated with BMW has been used in this new sedan concept as well. It also features large air intakes which boost its performance and overall looks apart from the LED headlights.

It’s a sedan which is equally luxurious on the insides as well. You will find an 8.8-inch infotainment display screen on the interiors making it easy to control music, videos and other driving features of the vehicle. BMW claims that people seated in the backseat of the car will experience legroom space like never before and their new sedan is probably the most spacious of them all.


BMW didn’t speak about the engine proposed to be used in the car and we expect those technical details to be out later in the year when the sedan gears up to hit the dealership stores. According to the company, the 1 series sedan is a blend of luxury and style designed to make life easy for the commuters. Its design has been kept really compact so as to make it appealing to Chinese buyers where they have limited space in certain regions.

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