BMW 1 Series Front Wheel Drive Model Being Tested on Road

The newest set of spy photos gave us a glimpse at the BMW 1 series front wheel drive model for the first time. Even though, there were some shots released earlier, this time plenty of the design aspects is shown in an unobstructed view.

After a long wait, it is exciting to see the car in action and get a quick view of the design despite the camouflage on top of it.


The 1 Series vehicles are often seen as the lowest version of the BMW cars available, but they still belong to the brand and offer the luxury that the manufacturer originally meant to. It is considered as the baby BMW because of its size and surprisingly, the new spy shots captured in the cold climate shows the car with less camouflage than the earlier ones.

Besides, the set of photos released now feature shots that were taken in better angles and show the BMW 1 in all its glory. The size of the headlights is much bigger this time around which may not appeal to some, but is definitely a welcome addition for those who like their cars to look much bigger than their original design is.

Given the fact that the release date of the 1 series front wheel drive is really close by, this is what the production version of the car will look like. The company may not make any more changes. The rear end of the car has also been revealed in the spy photos without any camouflage.

When compared to the original BMW 3 series, the BMW 1 series car is much lesser in terms of size and may have less cargo space. However, we cannot comment on these at the moment without test driving the car first.


The front end of the car is narrower in design while the rear end is truncated to accommodate the new BMW platform. The model is scheduled for launch in the United States. The design, interior elements and other aspects of the car were witnessed in a set of spy shots released earlier.

BMW has also officially confirmed that all 1 series vehicles from the brand will feature front wheel drive. The time when their cars featured rear wheel drive is slowly diminishing and anyone who likes to go for a rear wheel drive may have to opt for used cars hereafter. The sedan will compete with Mercedes CLA and the Audi A3.

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