BMW 150i Pushed to the Core with V10 Engine, Rendered 507 HP

Car enthusiasts will get immensely excited whenever a V10 engine is mentioned, because it is one of the top class powertrains and infusing it in a small car like a BMW 150i is an impossible feat.

The engine has immense horsepower, 507 HP to be precise and the BMW’s car is quite a small hatchback to accommodate such power. But, the people at the Smith Performance didn’t give up so easily. The team is known for their car customization ability and has showcased their prowess by using BMW’s own 5.0-liter V10 engine in a smaller car from the brand. The tuning shop used the E871 series platform to mount the engine and it was controlled using an SMG gear box system.


When fully assembled and in operation, the car is capable of delivering 507 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. The team has not only worked on the engines, but also added some aero parts to make the BMW 150i manage the increased speed when in motion. Some of the immediate changes that one would notice include an aggressive front, rear bumper and the flared fenders. V10 engine has already been used in some random car models, but this one is a definite success for tuning shop which did the job.

For increased comfort on the road, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe technology has been used in the small hatchback. The E92 M3 generation largely inspires the suspension system in the car. The braking system is another hurdle the team has to face when working on integrating such a powerful engine in the car. It is extremely important to ensure that the car stopped when required, irrespective of the massive horsepower plugged into it.

bmw 150i v10 engine

The weight of the car is distributed with the majority of it pushed onto the front axle. It allows it come to an immediate halt when the drivers want to stop it. While it has not been approved by safety administration board for use in real life, car enthusiasts are never going to stop themselves from turning their own vehicles with such a powerful engine. It has to be done by a professional company as Smith Performance in order to be completely successful.

Above all, it is not advisable to use a V10 engine in a hatchback as the car was never designed to handle such increased horsepower. For experimentation purposes, it’s a definitive success for everyone who worked on it.

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