BMW 2 Series is Finally Getting Rid of the Sub Par Grille Design

The BMW 2 Series is all set to enter a whole new generation of cars in 2021.

The German automobile manufacturer has finally provided the attention to their design needs because most buyers were not happy with the grille design. It is officially coming to an end and received a much-needed change if we are to go by the spy shots that emerged online.

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The new generation cars are being tested in various locations throughout the continent and ardent automobile followers wouldn’t stop sending photographs of the vehicle. While the majority of the design is still under wraps, it is easy to spot that the car has a muscular design. In the past, the brand has always been associated with a family-friendly design rather than being sporty but it looks like a change is ahead. Making the car more muscular will entice new buyers to go for it and the new grille further convinces existing owners to possibly upgrade the BMW model they already own.

A Massive Design Overhaul

BMW 3 and 4 Series cars are still in the cards but they have become much larger than they used to be. Some buyers are not so happy with such a large-finish because it is not easy to drive those vehicles in traffic or in terms of performance. You are supposed to increase the Trimline or go for a car with turbo-variant that would offer the maximum horsepower despite the increased weight of these particular models.

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For all these people, the BMW 2 series set for launch in 2020 or 2021 probably is an ideal match. The car’s footprint is small, easy to handle and most importantly the improved design might further convince more buyers to just go for it. The front fenders have been significantly increased in size while the wheel arches as well as the rear fenders have received some boost too! As a whole, the car looks bigger yet should retain the same weight if we are to make a wild guess at this point.

The kidney grille design has been a constant in most BMW models of the past but the spy shots of the BMW 2 Series suggest an entirely different story. The camo covered vehicle is not the one you can take to confirm its final design but the vents strongly suggest that there is something new to look forward to this year. The car is expected to be an RWD coupe edition and if they include high-performance upgrades, it further makes it the ideal pick for many buyers.

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