BMW 225xe Active Tourer is a Plug-in Hybrid Set for 2016 Launch

The 2 Series Active Tourer is a notable success for BMW because it is an affordable variant from the company that offers enough power for those who can’t go for the ‘i’ series.

When a particular model becomes popular, it is obvious that the manufacturer would consider trying to make the most out of it and launch some similar variants in the market. The BMW 225xe Active Tourer is one such model which will be a plug-in hybrid and has been scheduled to launch in 2016.

BMW 225xe Active Tourer

While BMW is yet to confirm, the Active Tourer will be the first of many vehicles to hit the consumer market. It will probably be followed by the Gran Tourer as well as X1 hybrids. It is not sure whether people love plug-in hybrids, but until the technology wanes off, car companies are not going to give up on them.

On the inside, the BMW 225xe Active Tourer eDrive will be powered by a 1.5 liter Twin Power three cylinder engine and uses a six speed automatic transmission. The conventional gasoline engine will power the front wheels while an electric more will power the rear wheels with a two speed transmission system. The electric motor is capable of rendering 88 horsepower with 136 Nm and 100 lb – ft of torque.

The gasoline engine delivers 136 horsepower / 100 Kw coupled with 220 Nm with 162 pound feet of torque. Even though, people are skeptical about plug-in hybrids and their performance, the company believes that the BMW 225xe will prove them wrong. It is equipped with a torque fill effect that allows the car to achieve an acceleration of 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds. The electric and the gasoline motor will provide combined power that gives the much needed performance boost to the 225xe.


For the normal commuter, the acceleration capacity is more than enough and the fact that it is being delivered by a front wheel hybrid makes it more appealing. The autonomous system in the vehicle allows it to device whether it should opt for front, rear or an all-wheel drive system. For uphill driving, the car can automatically switch to an all-wheel drive to ensure it doesn’t lose grip and completes the climb. It also uses dynamic stability control to reduce stress on the driver and optimize traction.

The eDrive technology found in BMW 225xe is expected to embrace multiple models from the manufacturer, in the coming months.

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