BMW 3-Series is Ready to Enter All-Electric Future, Spy Photos

With major automobile manufacturers joining the fray of all-electric cars, it is no wonder BMW wants to do the same for all their models.

The BMW 3-series will be the latest in their line-up to say goodbye to emissions and pave way for a pollution-free environment.

Every time before a car is officially launched, the manufacturers would perform a road test. It enables them to ensure the vehicle performs optimally on road but hiding the original design has always been a tough one. The spy photos of popular models often get leaked before their official reveal. Even though we may not be able to actually find the model number, the design aesthetics and the overall shape of the vehicle should give us a good idea of what to expect.

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BMW is keen on pushing all-electric powertrains to their vehicles and consumers will show equal interest if they are priced right. Besides, with competition going much higher on all sides, it is more of a necessity at this point than a luxury to have EVs in their line-up. By 2025, it is expected that all major car brands will make electric cars their primary vehicles rather than having gasoline models that continue to have emission issues worldwide.

Test Vehicle Sticker

Complying with the rules, BMW 3-series on the road was tested with the sticker Electric Test Vehicle and it not just leaks but actually confirms that the car is an EV. The designers have modified the front end of the car to have a clean and serene finish while the rear bumpers are pretty similar to many other models found in the 3-series.

Making any major changes would alienate their buyers which is why BMW didn’t venture into the unexplored territory. Instead, they worked on the headlamps, headlights with very minor changes bu the entire cockpit, front grill and long-wheels are original as it should be in a BMW model in the respective series. Maintaining that aspect in a familiar car even though it is now an electric vehicle will ensure the transition is smooth.

New buyers and old alike will opt for the car as it looks familiar and if priced right, it will also lead to much better sales. The new BMW 3-series model is expected to be out by 2023. BMW has already confirmed that they will be launching 25 new vehicles and all of them will be electric. With another three years to go, this sounds like a feasible idea to implement.

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