BMW 4 Series Cars in the US Get Interesting Updates in 2018

The upcoming BMW 4 Series of cars in 2018 has a few interesting features coupled with some differences for the US version and the rest of the world.

The details of the global version were announced a week before its US counterpart. The details of the US model were announced just yesterday along with the key highlights. According to the manufacturer, the purpose of refreshing the series was to more accurately pinpoint the vital differences between the 3 series and 4 series cars.

BMW 4 Series Cars

It is a known fact that the engine of this series underwent a revamp last year and was assigned two new names – 430i and 440i. The new refresh perfectly complements the updated design and makes the BMW an ideal car. One variation from the 3 series is with respect to the infotainment system. Although there is no major change with regard to this system, it is practically impossible to miss out on the variation in arranging the display. Another important distinction is that the BMW connection app provides better integration and driver customization.

As the 4 Series is meant to be a sportier and sharper version over the usual 3 series, most of the changes that you can expect in 2018 for the US model are not likely to be prominently visible from the outside. However, there are a few differences that you cannot help noting at first sight. For example, the LED lighting is definitely something that cannot be missed. Both front and rear lights will be affixed on newly styled fascias that look better than BMW’s original halo ring lighting. New colors that generally tend to look good for sports cars have been introduced. Wheels will also undergo a design change to this effect, giving M4 Competition Package fans an optional wheel if they wish to have one.

BMW 4 Series 2018

Talking about the not so prominently noticeable features that have been planned, the steering and suspension need special mention. Owing to their modifications, the new BMW car setup is bound to be stiffer and sharper than the earlier version. The changed suspension in turn will make the engine of the updated car more powerful.

If things go as per plan, the 430i and 440i xDrive US models with the above changes incorporated will hit the streets in March 2018. The pricing will be announced close to the launch date.

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