BMW 5 Series Spotted On The Road, Spy Shots Emerge

A camouflaged BMW 5 series car was spotted on the road and spy photos of the model emerged later.

It is known that the company is testing its newer models and it was exciting to spot one of the anticipated cars.


The major share of the car was camouflaged giving us very little insight into the design BMW has opted for. However, some of the aspects were evident. When spy pictures of the car emerged last time, the headlights and taillights were visible. The designers have made some drastic changes to it which may have prompted them to cover it up this time around.

The upcoming version of the BMW 5 series is a hybrid model and the overall body of the car is much longer. When compared to the BMW 3 series, the new launch is expected to offer better headroom and legroom for the passengers. The 2017 BMW 5 series has no confirmed release date but it is set to be showcased at one of the upcoming auto expos. The brand wants to keep things under wraps before the official launch.

In the past, a prototype version of the car was spotted and it was equipped with the M sport package. While the upcoming 2017 edition of the BMW 5 series is almost the same as the outgoing model, the engineers have made some significant changes to the design. The front bumper is much more aggressive than it has ever been with a bigger body and grille has been subdued in appearance.

Without removing the camouflage, it is difficult to comment on the overall design at the moment. However, it won’t be long before the official launch takes place where we will be able to see how the bumper gels with the overall body. BMW has always been popular for wide cars but from what we saw in the spy pictures, the newer model is much bigger than most other models from the past. The edge of the car posed a subtle character line which seamlessly merged with the door handles.


If you are curious to see, you can always take a look at these spy shots. But, the best version of the BMW 5 series 2017 edition is the one that the company shows on its launch date. The design may undergo some changes but it is not going to drastic as the car is already close to production.

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