BMW 5 Series Cars with Autonomous Driving Capability Revealed at CES 2017

At CES 2017, BMW has launched their new 5 series cars that supports self-driving technology and has different modes to choose from.

The best technology and gadgets are being showcased at the Consumer Electronic Shows 2017. BMW is one among many automobile manufacturers who show keen interest in making their cars fully autonomous. If successfully done, the cars will be capable of providing next gen experience to passengers onboard. The 5 series seventh generation model was launched in October last year.

BMW 5 Series Autonomous

While the basics of the model remains the same, it is strikingly different because of the completely autonomous prototype features integrated in it. The car is scheduled to be available in dealership stores by 2021. Almost every brand has its own electric, autonomous car but BMW has differentiated itself from competition by showing a car that looks production ready. Some of the credit should go to the company’s long running tradition of making practical cars, technical expertise. All they have to do is add the essential sensors and meet regulations before bringing this ambitious model out.

The first batch of BMW 5 series cars will be equipped with semi-autonomous features. A digital map will allow the car to understand its position and location. The feature is very important because it allows the vehicle to stay in the correct lane, recognize streets and drive on its own even though it is mandatory for a driver to be seated in at all times.

Powered by latest operating systems, the car will stay fully connected. The service will connect to your calendar app to notify you of appointments on the way and will automatically set course for the location if you say yes. It will find optimal routes with least traffic so as to help you reach the venue in time. The autonomous technology has been named ‘Passenger mode’ by BMW.

BMW 5 Series Autonomous Prototype

The 5 series model also supports Amazon Prime video to enjoy visual content on the go in its large touchscreen display and supports Amazon Prime Now. The intelligent car will automatically dim lights and close window shields if you choose to watch a movie on Amazon. It works with all major smartphones and tablets so that the content on your mobile device could be shared with the car. And, you can choose to be James Bond when you use the Robot Valet Parking service. The driver can try to manually navigate the car from a distance which is bit tricky but in most cases the car will automatically park itself in the available area.

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