BMW 7 Series is Keen on Beating Mercedes S-Class in Every Aspect

Competing and winning over the Mercedes Benz S-Class is not an easy task, but according to latest updates, BMW 7 series is poised to taste victory, no matter what.

Development chief at BMW, Klaus Froehlich is extremely confident that the next gen version of their car has all the features, the exquisiteness and the competence to beat the S-Class from Mercedes. Talking about the upcoming launch, he confirmed that the 7 series plug-in hybrid model will set a new benchmark in fuel efficiency.


Apart from helping buyers save money on gasoline, the car is also expected to offer the best mileage in the electric car segment. Obviously, you don’t take the expensive Tesla Model S into consideration because other manufacturers are still in the budding stages of creating fully electric sedans.

“We aim to deliver at least 40 kilometers on full charge while the gasoline engine will take care of the rest from then on. A wide range of new features will be equipped in the vehicle including touchscreen interface with iDrive technology, digital keyfob, wireless charging among other new integrations”, confirmed the development chief.

In comparison, the Mercedes Benz S-Class offers just 33 kilometers in its plug-in hybrid variant. The new BMW 7 series car is constructed on a carbon fiber shell, which contributes to its lowered weight yet the sturdy feel for best drivability. The infotainment system has been upgraded with sensors making it easier for the users to wave their hand in front of it to complete a variety of actions. It saves time and makes it safer to make adjustments while focusing on the road.


The upcoming series is one of the most successful in their history. The earlier edition of the BMW 7 series cars had sold over 370,000 units, which BMW aims to beat with the launch of their next generation vehicles. They do have tough competition, not just from the Mercedes Benz S-Class, but from other manufacturers as well. While it might be a heated contention among companies, it’s a great time for the buyers to take their pick from a wide range of models.

Long gone are the days when petrol and diesel cars used to be the primary choice. Diesel is slowly going out of fashion because of them being high in emission and the Volkswagen debacle. They are being replaced by plug-in hybrid vehicles which will soon be replaced by a range of all-electric cars.

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