BMW 7 Series Loaded with Advanced Technologies: Experimental Marketing Strategy Adopted

The new BMW 7 series is loaded with so many advanced technologies that gadget freaks are bound to be very thrilled.

The all new 7 series is set to make its debut in the automotive market in a grand event to be held in the Dmexco conference. Moreover, BMW adopted a fresh initiative in its marketing strategy to reach out to prospective buyers.


The high-tech features, which presumably will make James Bond jealous, include a key knob that remotely parks the car and also serves as the fuel gauge. While the tagline, ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ is definitely part of the advertising campaign, the company is shifting gears in the way the 7 Series will be marketed.

Timo Resch, VP of product management in BMW, said, ‘We want to stay true to ourselves, but also to take our marketing to another stage’. In addition to the key fob that automatically and remotely parks the car, Resch spoke at length of the various other high-tech gadgets that will feature in the new 7 Series. These technological gadgets include gesture controls for phone calls and volume settings, an environmentally efficient carbon fiber technology and a removable tablet fitted in the rear seat. The VP also showcased the remote car parking facility for the audience.

The addition of the technological gadgets is to make the driving experience smoother and easier and not to confuse, he added. The users will not need any manual to understand how the gadgets operate as long as they are comfortable using any handheld device. Additionally, the company service representatives will follow-up with the car buyers 4 weeks after taking delivery to answer questions and/or clarify doubts.

The marketing approach taken by BMW is both innovative and different. The company contacted 25,000 customers worldwide, a combination of their own clients, other car clients and also those who did not own cars. Then they were grouped into clusters of 10-20 and the new car was demonstrated to them in exclusive events.

The customers were not allowed to bring in mobiles or any video/camera devices to take photos or videos. However, they were exhorted to take to the social media to create a buzz around the vehicle and write about their direct experiences regarding the new BMW 7 Series.

Another tweak in the advertising campaign included a change in the strategy depending on the geography of the market. For instance, in China, the car’s roomy and lavish interior were focused on, while in the US, the power of the eight-cylinder engine was fixated upon.

2016 bmw 7 series

Resch also added that despite all controls that help and aid drivers to navigate smoothly and without much ado, on a curvy mountain road, the driver can opt to switch off all controls and obtain that distinctive BMW driving feel.

The new top-spec Series 7 is estimated to be priced at $70,000 and will be available for the US buyers around the time of Thanksgiving.

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