BMW 8 Series Prototype Spied With Heavy Camouflage

A big comeback is in the cards and BMW is betting big on the new 8 series.

A prototype version of the car was spotted in the wild and obviously it was heavily camouflaged to keep us from guessing what’s inside.

BMW 8 Series Prototype

The BMW 8 series coupe is a phantom for the automobile brand as it suddenly vanished from the lineup more than twenty years ago. That’s a huge break and for many obvious reasons, the brand believes it could make a change in the market by bringing it back. While it was tough to make out the size by seeing the prototype, it did give a good idea of how big the car could be. The length of the particular model is exceptionally high and easily the largest in the BMW lineup.

At the moment, the BMW 6 series is the longest car the auto brand has to offer. Mercedes Benz always focuses on creating lengthy cars that offers increased legroom for the passengers. BMW is competing with the luxury brand with their 6 series model but when the rumored 8 series gets launched, it will offer a strong competition to the Mercedes model.

The lineup is a spot that BMW has missed for more than twenty years now but they will no longer miss the potential market. While the BMW 8 series is to be built on the 7 series sedan, it will have different dimensions and is designed over the CLAR platform. The car will have all the powertrain options available for the 7 series at the moment along with best connectivity technology and in-house entertainment system.

BMW 8 Series Prototype rear

The camouflage allows little scope for anyone to guess what’s on the inside but from previous experience and the way BMW has been designing their latest models, it is safe to assume that the design aspects will be borrowed from the BMW 7 series models. Some of them could be borrowed from the Gran Lusso concept which was showcased back in 2013.

While the BMW 8 series model is still in its early stages of production, the car should be revealed probably by next year in the auto expos. A possible release date for the model is pegged at 2019 which in time for all the big cars to be out. BMW will compete with Ford, Mercedes, Audi and every other top brand who has a large, elite saloon in their lineup in the next two years.

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