BMW and McLaren Collaborate to Create a Supercar

Creating a supercar is a tough task which is why it demands that automobile behemoths come together. BMW and McLaren are busy negotiating the deals before they can come together to build a supercar that would set a new benchmark for other automobile manufacturers.

BMW’s i8 was the flagship car that sparked the idea of a supercar. Ever since its launch, fans have been asking the brand to come up with a strategy and create the ultimate vehicle they have been asking for. The brand has heard their cries and will soon be building the new car, of course with some help from McLaren. While this idea has been in the company for a while, the concept of using a carbon fiber tub, powered by a V8 mid-engine was considered to be bad for the green image the company has generated in the recent years.

BMW Supercar

Previous bosses who ran the firm didn’t want to tarnish their image. Besides, it is an expensive trial to build a supercar, especially if it doesn’t attract buyers as expected. However, the new chairman and Frank Van Meel from BMW’s M division are not going to give up on it. They have decided that it is time to innovate. The i8 is definitely an amazing car, but it didn’t deliver what customers expected of it.

The M division is ready to build a supercar and the head of the department has given it a go. However, don’t get too excited because this proposed collaboration between BMW and McLaren is yet to be confirmed. Once everything is set, the production process will begin and the car is expected to be out in the year 2019 or probably longer based on the type of technology the team tries to integrate into it.

McLaren will be in charge of creating the carbon fiber tub and the supercar will use the chassis developed for the P16 version. BMW will take care of the development of the V8 4.0 liter engine with four turbochargers. It is expected to be a hybrid vehicle which uses two exhaust driven cylinders, whereas the other two will be powered by an electric system.

BMW McLaren Supercar

Rumors claim that the car will deliver 750 horsepower, the highest numbers of them all because even McLaren’s own gasoline powered cars don’t deliver that much. It is probably because of the fact that two big companies are coming together to develop it, pouring all their technical expertise into it.  Will it beat the McLaren F1? Maybe!

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