BMW Expanding Plug-In Hybrid Line with Three New Models at Frankfurt Motor Show

The world is coming to Germany for Frankfurt Motor Show and the German manufacturer BMW has some new goodies in the bag to show to prospective buyers and fans of the brand.

The company will expand its plug-in hybrid line with three new models that are scheduled for a release early in 2016. The Bavarian company will release the 225xe, the 330e and the premium 740e models. All three will join the i8 and the X5 xDrive40e to boost the BMW lineup of plug-in hybrids up to five vehicles.

BMW 740e; Plug-In Hybrid

The lowest model of the three is the 225xe, an active Tourer that uses the same technology that the Bavarian company created for the i8. In other words, prospective buyers that will see the car at the Frankfurt motor show will be able to choose between three drive systems, a front wheel drive, a rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The car changes the wheel drive system, depending on the driving conditions that the drivers encounter.

The 225xe is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine with three cylinders, packing 134 ponies under the hood. Along that powerful engine, prospective buyers will find a six-speed automatic transmission gearbox. As an addition to the petrol engine, BMW has added an electric motor at the rear axle, powered by 88hp. The rear engine powers the rear wheels.

The mileage of the 225xe is set at 25 miles for the electric motor. However, when driving for a longer distances, the engine of the vehicle is programmed to send power only to the front wheels, powered by the petrol engine. The maximum speed the plug-in hybrid can achieve in petrol mode is 126mph. The maximum power the vehicle delivers is 221hp, when both the petrol and the electric engine are engaged. In hybrid mode, the 225xe delivers power to all four wheels. As a result, the car can sprint to 60mph in just 6.7 seconds, an impressive time for a hybrid vehicle.

Next in the line is the only model from the 3 series to have a plug-in option, which is the 330e. In power, the plug-in hybrid falls between the 340i and the 328i. The car is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine and an electric motor. The drive for the 330e is possible only by rear wheel drive. The specs have yet to be officially released, but some reports suggest a 248hp combined power under the hood. The result should be an acceleration time of 6 seconds for 0 to 60 mph. When powered by the electric motor only, the BMW 330e can deliver only 25 miles at a maximum speed of 75mph. With a full fuel tank and electric motor, the 330e delivers 373 miles.


Last, but not least, BMW will also show the BMW 740e at the Frankfurt Motor show. The flagship plug-in hybrid is available with four wheel drive or rear wheel drive. The premium hybrid uses the same technology and system as the X5 xDrive40e. Reports are that the 740e will be powered by 321 ponies under the hood. The electric engine will offer 25 miles, just as with all other plug-in hybrid models in the BMW lineup.

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