BMW i3 2017 Edition Expected to Expand Total Range

Major auto manufacturers have officially launched their electric and hybrid cars. The BMW i3 2017 is one among them that is totally next generation and promises to expand its total range on a single charge.

The ideal goal that companies are looking at is to offer drivers an affordable electric car or hybrid. It will allow people to drive long distances, at least 50 to 100 miles on a single charge before it switches to the petrol engine. Standalone electric cars need more mileage than hybrids because there is no option to charge your vehicle in case it runs out on the way.


Latest rumor claims that BMW is looking forward to push the range of their i3 2017 edition to touch 120 miles. That’s a massive number and if they could make it possible without increasing the weight of the battery and keep pricing at an affordable point, they would have touched the coveted sweet spot. The lithium ion battery will be improved in order to accommodate better range.

Talking about the variation, the company’s sales and marketing boss, Ian Robertson opined that the increased range should make it more usable by the general public. It will allow them to travel with the much needed assurance.

The people at BMW will not only change the battery in the car, but will also improve the software, aerodynamics and the overall design in order to accomplish the mileage. The company aims to achieve 120 miles and auto specialists opine that 150 miles is what people need in an electric car in order to invest in one. BMW can overcome the extra miles by making it a hybrid and allowing one to move further by shifting to the petrol engine when the battery runs out.

Chevrolet in the recent auto expo promises to deliver a massive 200 miles with their Bolt electric car. BMW is almost there, but still has a long way to go to reach the mark. Tesla has promised to launch a budget car of their own by 2019. It will offer at least 300 miles and be priced below $30,000 to reach the majority of the crowd.


We look forward to see BMW reveal more information about the i3 2017 edition at the Geneva Motor show, scheduled to take place this March. It’s going to be another treat for car lovers to see new launches being announced and concept cars showcased.

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