BMW i8 Offers Individual Paintwork Customization Option for Buyers

The individual paintwork scheme available throughthe BMW workshop is now extended to the i8 model.

In the past, the hybrid variant of the car was limited with its color schemes to grey, blue and white which is now upgraded to a technicolor combination.


Customers now have an amazing range of options when it comes to customizing the BMW i8 before they buy one. The colors available include solar orange, java green among other choices. There are two different types of coloring to choose from, a metallic version and a non-metallic variant. The Xirallic is a brand new idea implemented by BMW which involves the color paints mixed with aluminum flakes so as to create a glossy, shining look for the car. Frozen is again a new innovation done by the company which creates a matte finish with unique shimmer look.

The individual paint scheme option is available for all BMW i8 owners through official dealership stores. In order to avail the feature, they have to pay additional charges of £5,495. UK audience do have access to the exclusive version, the Protonic Red which is not available in any other region. The car uses a new W-spoke alloys which is available on all i8 models that falls under the individual program.

“Our idea was to build a sustainable and a modern car which can continue to reach heights while being a car that buyers would love to go for. We believe that the BMW i8 has allowed us to accomplish the feat. It has emotive styling and design which blends seamlessly with the I brand created by BMW. By providing exclusive customization options for our customers, we make it easy for them to own a car which is unique and stands out of the rest,” said BMW’s sales director Richard Hudson.


Customization options are at large in recent times where buyers have complete control over the vehicle. Tesla launched the Model 3 car which was priced at $35,000 but buyers didn’t go for the base model. Majority of them choose to customize it in a way they wanted it to which increased the average price of the vehicle to $42,000. Similarly, Nissan and Chevrolet do offer similar options to modify the color of the car, it’s components andother features.

The BMW i8 will hit stores in UK and other parts of the world. The company aims to provide the custom color scheme in every region.

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