BMW i8 Spyder Concept Car will be Showcased at CES 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 will be crowded with plenty of automobile manufacturers for sure. The latest one to join the lot is BMW with their i8 Spyder Concept Car.

It is expected to be a petrol hybrid vehicle which is also equipped with an electric motor and will be a convertible. The best of everything will be packaged into the BMW i8 Spyder according to latest preview of CES 2016.


In a bunch of teaser images, the manufacturers have showcased the vehicle’s interiors in all its glory. For the first time, we had the opportunity to see how the insides of the hybrid vehicle will look like. The biggest change that is going to surprise people is the bigger LCD screen display. It will most probably be a touchscreen device. The car could also feature a doorless model, an aspect that could surprise people who are used to conventional doors.

BMW engineers have been working on the model for a very long time. The team commented about two years ago that they find it really tough to integrate some of the unique features the designers wanted them to. The car is totally made of carbon fiber which helps reduce the overall weight of the car and also uses reinforced plastic to make the convertible extremely lightweight, yet robust.

Despite all the good news, the company has no word on its official launch. The model that they are planning to showcase is the concept model at the CES 2016. It will give the buyers an idea of the type of hybrid that BMW plans to launch. On the inside, the car will be powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine while the electric motor will be mounted in the front. `


Apart from the BMW i8 Spyder, there are multiple other models that will see their maiden launches during the consumer electronics expo. The Faraday Future is one of the most wanted concepts that many are looking forward to at the expo. Audi is also going to make their presence felt with the next gen A8.

The expo used to be a place solely dedicated for computers which was then dominated by home based gadgets including televisions and smartphones. This year, there will be plenty of automobile technology that makes CES the best place to go for a comprehensive gadget experience. With just weeks to go, it’s going to be a treat for tech lovers.

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