BMW is Working on an Autonomous Car, Details to be Out Soon

Everyone loves autonomous cars because they sound futuristic despite the legal issues. BMW does too and it has an autonomous car lined up for a public reveal real soon.

While as expected, it is going to be a concept vehicle and not the one that is ready to hit the roads, it is the first step towards making cars less reliant on humans. The popular automobile brand is gearing up to celebrate its centenary year this year and when they do so, they wish to show something that is totally next gen. BMW opined that autonomous cars are the way to go and they have opted for it.


The birthday of the company falls on March 7th which will be the auspicious day on which BMW is going to reveal some of their interesting concepts and ideas. Talking about the event, Robertson from the company said that the time to embrace autonomy has finally arrived.

“We are in a phase where the hands and eyes are supposed to be given rest when on the road. While there are many moral issues to tackle before allowing the car to drive on its own, developing the right technology to power the idea matters the most. There could be even a ten years wait or even more for the feature to reach people. There are plenty of factors to overcome”, said Robertson.

The autonomous cars are the crowd favorite at the moment right next to the fully electric vehicles. While electric vehicles face the issue of mileage and access to electricity on the go factor, they are stuff that could be fixed in the near future. Garages and petrol stations are already being equipped to allow people to charge their car for long journeys.

However, the same cannot be said about autonomous cars. They are controlled by computers and they know only calculations. If a truck or car is about to meet with an accident or hit on a pedestrian, it will most probably consider the number of lives lost trying to save the most numbers. There’s no point of considering a person’s age, situation or other factors when steering out of the path to save another life.


Such issues have been bothering legal experts and car manufacturers alike. BMW is well aware of the situation and added that it may take years before the car could roll in, but they are using the time to build them to perfection.

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