BMW to Launch INEXT Autonomous Car in 2021

The ambitious idea is coming to life as BMW confirmed their futuristic, next generation INext autonomous car will be out in 2021.

The time projected is far away but it requires such long period so as to achieve its goals.

BMW Vision Next car interior

Creating a fully autonomous vehicle is no easy task but buyers are totally excited about the idea and it has pushed the automobile industry into adopting this concept. Tesla is one among the pioneers who ushered in the technology in their Model S electric vehicles. But, there is always Google, the company that looked so far in to the future that they announced and started testing self-driving cars in California nearly a decade ago.

BMW showcased how their future cars would look like and released an official video to signify their statement. During their latest investor’s call, the company announced that the iNext car which is fully automated and is powered solely by a batteryis scheduled to get launched in 2021. It is going to sit right beside the i3 and the i8 models.

Describing the car, the brand’s CEO Harald Krueger said, “It is an entirely new innovation allowing drivers to focus on everything else except driving as the car is capable of handling itself. With fully autonomous driving technology combined with digital connectivity features and a state-of-the-art lightweight design, it is the next generation of mobility.

When BMW celebrated their 100th anniversary year, they proudly launched the Vision Next 100 concept car. The concept was truly one because most of its features were not so practical and it may take a long time to convert them into reality. It uses butterfly doors and had body panels which had the power to shift shapes as required.

The idea may sound to futuristic to recreate but BMW confirmed they are going to launch the car in 2021 which is approximately five years from now. It could revolutionize the world of automobile if launched but at the same time, other manufacturers have their own vision of the future. Nissan is working on a connected, electrified era where cars can power offices and homes.

BMW Vision Next

Tesla is yet to talk about it but they may have plans after their successfully launch the Model 3 EV at an affordable rate. Autonomous technology is already the hottest tech of the season and companies like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford and Volvo are trying to adopt it in their own cars.

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