BMW M2 and X1 Targeted to Attract the Younger Generation to the BMW Fold

The upcoming BMW M2 and the recently launched X1 models are targeted to attract the younger generation into the BMW fold. Both vehicles feature a youthful and a sportier profile while being less expensive than the other entrants of the BMW paddock.

The BMW M2 is the least expensive M model from the stables of the Bavarian car maker and hence is more geared towards the youth as against the other BMW models. The smaller BMW X1 is positioned for a young family that needs more space and still desires something sportier and more youthful than perhaps the BMW X5.

bmw x1

The BMW M2 is designed for the best performance and with the latest engineering technologies and it is more attractive to the younger generation than the other M models like the BMW M5 as M2 is more digitally loaded which appeals to the millennial.

The second generation BMW X1 has also been received favorably by the media and is expected to be more successful than the earlier version driven primarily by a more affordable pricing structure, new design and use of premium materials.

The company is planning to optimize on the fairly large millennial-group market in the US comprising of people from diverse cultures and those up to the age of 35 years. The company believes that a large percentage of this target group would definitely be able to afford a luxury vehicle.

bmw m2

However, experts believe that to attract this segment, it is not enough just to build a good car. What is also needed is effective advertising and marketing strategies that will help BMW shift its target base towards the youth. The company is estimated to market and position each vehicle based on its substance, engineering character and performance levels.

BMW has to optimize on digital advertisement techniques such as creating a buzz in the social media and blogs in addition to the traditional television mode to attract the younger generation. This might prove to be a challenge for the Bavarian company whose target audience till now has been significantly older in age.

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