BMW M2 is Not Going to Get a Convertible Variant

There are cars designed to shed their top to become hot convertibles while others that aren’t made for such a feat. BMW is confident that the their M2 is not designed to go convertible which is why no such variant will be launched now or in the near future.

The M2 is one of the hottest new launches from the company and the coupe has received some amazing comments from both enthusiasts as well as common people alike. It is said to be the most comfortable and fun to drive around car of the season. Obviously, such success may convince the manufacturer to go for more models so as to reap more sales. However, BMW is all about quality and are not ready to compromise when they know it’s going to go bad.

bmw m2

Speaking about the possibility of a M2 convertible, Frank Isenberg, chief engineer at BMW confirmed that the M235i convertible is there for a reason. It is what the brand likes to offer to its buyers while the M2 was never designed to become a convertible in the future. When news comes from one of the important people in the stable, there could hardly be a contradicting opinion later on.

The interview was held during the M2 launch event during which the engineer added that convertibles are designed for cruising and not racetracks. The idea behind the car is to offer a true experience for enthusiasts to balance performance and driver engagement at its higher level. It’s all about focusing on the purist aspect rather can creating a versatile car to appease every one of them out there.

While there are plenty of occasions where engineers and designers always love to focus on performance of a model rather than trying to sell it in different variants, the BMW M2 may still see a convertible in the far future if the board members decide to bring one out.

It’s all about the sales the car might witness in the following months and the reception it has among buyers. If a lot of people star demanding BMW to launch a M2 convertible, the company might probably do it without questions as it means more revenue.


For now, the M2 is available in dealerships and is priced at $52,695. The car is expected to reach more regions within a short period as BMW expects to reach a wider audience with this popular coupe.

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