BMW M2 Teaser Claims Passionate Performance, October Reveal Expected

When a teaser image of a car gets released, it usually showcases the design, but the latest teaser for the BMW M2 has the logo in it coupled with a race track symbol.

While it doesn’t reveal any specific details, we can’t stop ourselves from getting excited for this major launch. It is expected to take part in the month of October according to the post made by BMW Deutschland. The English translation of the German text they have posted reads, “Passionate Performance” justifying the motto of their car and there’s also the quote, “Look forward to an exciting October”.


By gathering collective rumors, it is known that the BMW M2 will probably have four different paint variants to choose from. The colors are Mineral Grey, Alpine White, Black Sapphire and the Long Beach Blue. Each one of them is distinct from one another, which offers the customers appropriate choices to go for. The car will sport an interesting 19-inch black rims, adaptive headlights, rear view camera for driver assistance and power heated front seats for a comfortable ride.

Music lovers may definitely enjoy the BMW M2 because it is expected to sport the Harmon Kardon music system. The 3.0 liter turbocharged six cylinder engine in the sedan is expected to deliver an impressive 370 horsepower that truly justifies the brand integrity the M series has built throughout the years. It can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds.

The only thing that has irked the fans is that BMW chose to completely ignore the design of the car and go with a simple logo for their teaser. The car is expected to be revealed before the end of October and pre-orders will begin. It will be shipped to customers before the end of 2015.


The vehicle will be powered by a six speed manual transmission system, but the buyers can choose to go with a seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission for an additional cost. With such features and add-ons, it is no wonder the customers are increasingly excited to check out the BMW M2 in action. We will receive official pictures of the vehicle during the launch event and maybe some videos as well, showing the car in action. It should give you a fair idea of BMW’s offering and decide whether it will be a good choice to go for. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype it has generated through the months.

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