BMW M4 Competition Sport Edition Revealed with Official Photos

An exclusive version of the BMW M4 named the Competition Sport Edition has been officially unveiled in Spain.

The car will be specific to buyers in the region and will not be sold in any other country.


It is extremely limited in numbers as BMW confirmed that they will sell only 60 units. The car is similar to the BMW M4 GTS but it has been tweaked to offer better performance and comfort to the passengers. The car has undergone multiple changes and is now capable of delivering an increased performance with 450 horsepower. It is equipped with 20-inch wheels and has carbon ceramic brakes. There’s also an adaptive M chassis, rear spoilers and a front spoiler made of carbon fiber material.

When the components are combined together, they offer the best of aerodynamics boosting the overall acceleration and top speed of the BMW M4 Competition Sport Edition. Other components include a rear diffuser, black kidney grills and side mirrors. The designers have drastically changed the design of the seats which offers better leg room and more comfort for the passengers.

The BMW M4 CS version is equipped with a branded M DKG seven speed dual clutch transmission system. According to the official statement, the newer version of the car is capable of touching a top speed of 280 kilometers per hour. The earlier version offered a much lower speed pegged at 250 kilometers per hour.

The brand has confirmed that they will be launching the special limited sport edition in Spain within the next few weeks. With the numbers being really limited, it may not be possible for buyers to import it to other regions. However, you still can enjoy going through all the official pictures BMW has released in their blog. It gives a good glimpse of the car set to hit stores.

BMW CS Competition Edition

Besides, there are some candid shots that showcase the interior changes and the luxurious additions provided by the designers. BMW is yet to join the electric and autonomous driving bandwagon while most other manufacturers in the range has already joined the lot.

Tesla is busy producing the Model 3 version while Nissan and Chevrolet are working on their own versions of the electrified cars. Within a year or two, they are all set to become mainstream. BMW does have its i3 models and other cars in the series to help boost the EV segment for now. It is expected to expand soon.

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