BMW M5 E39 Gets an Exclusive Video Explaining its All-New Build

It is not every day that the buyers get to glimpse into the world of BMW, but this time the company has released an official video that showcases the production phase of the M5 E39.

While the brand has multiple cars that stand proof to its production prowess, the E49 in the M5 series is one of the best they have created in a long time. The video is exceptionally long at nearly thirty minutes, which explains different aspects of the car including the exterior design, its infotainment system, safety features and the engine. Car enthusiasts would consider this as a feast for people who love cars to the core. The video has high production values and the best editing that showcases each feature in a convincing manner.

BMW M5 E39

Even those who never had the idea to buy a BMW M5 E39 may reconsider their decision after watching the thirty minute long video at a stretch. Some of the unique features that could be attributed to the E39 include its great handling, high acceleration and a spacious body which is designed to offer better comfort for the riders. While the original model is great by itself, BMW revamped the vehicle to add it to the 5 series line-up.

They didn’t change the popular saloon chassis which is loved by the buyers. Instead, the manufacturer chose to replace the various parts in the chassis with aluminum components, which decreased the overall weight of the car. The aluminum materials were lighter, yet stiffer at the same time which rendered the much needed rigidity to the E39. The new edition of the vehicle was also integrated with a new shock valve, steel ball joints and anti-roll bars. Manufacturers use steel and rubber elements for these parts, but BMW took a different route which produced some amazing results with this classic car.

The BMW M5 E39 is powered by a pumped up 5.0 liter engine which offers 400 horsepower coupled with 369lb feet of torque. With 7000 rpm under its hood, the car can zoom from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds. The performance capability of the revamped model is almost close to a supercar yet it doesn’t cost as much as a real supercar would.


It has great drivability, amazing control features including full support for contemporary devices and more user friendly add-ons. You should probably watch the video right away so as to know what we are mighty impressed with.

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