BMW M760Li is a Gorgeous Vehicle, Leaked Pictures Confirm its Design

Automobile manufacturers never intend to leak their cars before its official launch, but stuff happens and we got hold of the BMW M760Li before its official launch.

The official pictures of the car revealed much of its design elements. It leaked out through an online configurator that BMW uses to allow its buyers to customize their car before they purchase it. According to the inside sources, it has been confirmed that it will be added to the BMW 7 series line up as another sports car and will probably be powered by one of the most powerful engines around – the V12.


It is their flagship car which will be designed and marketed in such a way that it fills the gap between the 730d and the 740i. All the pictures that you see here are not officially released, but when it was available for us to explore through the online configurator, we just couldn’t stop ourselves to get it so as to show them to you.

The exact model of the car has been confirmed through the pictures which show BMW M760Li clearly printed on the rear. The back of the car not only reveals its model number, but also has quad exhaust pipes.

BMW didn’t want to leak official photos of the model which is yet to be confirmed. However, it got leaked due to a programming error that showed the M760Li instead of the available model that the person using the website wanted to view.

By this time, the company has probably erased traces of the images and the model number so that they could avoid hype before the official launch. At the moment, there is no word on its official specifications, but it is not tough to guess them considering the fact that it is one among the few flagships scheduled for a 2016 launch.

The V12 engine is the same that is being used in the Rolls Royce and offers an amazing 600bhp of power. The photos also clearly revealed the M badge on the car which stands proof to the fact that the manufacturers will tune it to be sportier than focus on comfort and other elements. They are out to make the car enthusiasts happy.


When it gets an official launch, the BMW M760Li is expected to go head to head with Mercedes AMG S 65, which uses the same V12 engine and will be out next year. Pricing will obviously be not-so affordable for the average earner, because it’s a car designed for those who have huge wallets to drain.

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