BMW Ready to Unveil a Sports Concept Car at Pebble Beach

The upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance meet has already stirred enough interest because BMW has promised to reveal two new concept cars, one of them definitely a sporty high performance model.

While the company has been focusing on family friendly models and SUVs, it’s a rarity to see a car focused purely for sports lovers. BMW has teased the avid car lovers by revealing the picture of a steering wheel that resembles the racy cars that professionals drive on a track.

It looks simply amazing and has about 6 intriguing functional buttons placed on it with words like ‘Flash’, ‘Cool’, ‘Radio’ and ‘PSL’. We can hardly figure out the other buttons but it’s going to be a short wait before the event takes place in the month of August.

The top executives from the company will be taking part in the meet and they are the brains behind the company’s M models. Their presence indirectly confirms that a possible M2 or the M4 GTS launch could take place. The German auto manufacturer has been repeatedly testing these models in various forms and if this steering wheel belongs to one of the cars, it’s going to be a pleasant surprise for the auto lovers. Based on another rumor, the steering wheel could even belong to the BMW i8.

BMW i8 Concept Car

At the moment, with hardly any information to ponder upon, we can’t confirm which one of these models the company plans to unveil during this grand event at the Pebble Beach.

The official press release added that BMW is all set to celebrate its 40th anniversary in a grand manner which will be commemorated with these concept cars. It has been scheduled to take place at the BMW Villa after which it will be shown to the public at five different venues including the Motorsport Gathering, Rolex Monterey Reunion, and the Quail, among others. These car models will also be on public display at some of the biggest auto expos scheduled to take place in both United States and Europe in the following months.

Based on the associations that BMW has with Rolls Royce, the car manufacturer may base one of the proposed concept models on a hybrid vehicle integrated with the best of technology from both the companies. The cars are expected to sport a six speed manual transmission or may also come in an automatic variant with an eight speed gear box and record breaking top-speed numbers.

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