BMW Starts Talking About M5 CS, Possible Reveal in 2021 January

Things have been pretty silent from the BMW stable as the company was busy readying next-generation vehicles.

At last, we have come to know that BMW M5 CS the super sedan that has a strong fan following will be unveiled in 2021 January. With just weeks to go, it is tough not to get excited about this new launch.

The company has officially confirmed this information through a  teaser video posted on Facebook. It is expected that they will reveal important information about the car, its technical specifications as well as reveal the design through official photographs. The sedan will be sold as the M5 CS, and ardent followers will know that the CS badge indicates possible performance improvements are in the charts. The M2 CS edition is already available under the BMW brand which makes them popular and a coveted buy among buyers who like the additional tweaks provided by the company.

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In the past, we continued to spot prototype editions of the M5 CS on various occasions. The camouflaged cars were spotted on the road along with which we managed to get some leaked information. The maximum capacity of the model is pegged at 635 horsepower which is supposed to be a metric for the European audience. When it lands in other parts of the world, we can convert it to be slightly lower than the one.

More Powerful than the Base Edition

The 2021 BMW M5 CS is definitely expected to be much more powerful and rather impressive when compared with the base edition. The model will deliver 600 horsepower without any tweaks which can go all the way up to 625hp with the CS edition while the M5 Competition is capable of delivering about 617 horsepower.

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In addition to the performance increase, it is easy to claim that the newer model would be more fuel-efficient made possible by shaving off its total weight. It is expected to be 70 kilograms or 154 pounds lesser than the base model. Such a decrease in weight will always lead to better aerodynamics, better control and an impressive driving experience but we can comment on these factors only after we get to drive the vehicle.

The improvements further include a carbon-ceramic brake package, forged aluminum wheels and the red brake calipers further add to the performance edition badge. The yellow headlights are yet another claim to its motorsport inspiration while under the hood the car is expected to feature the latest version of the V8 engine.

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