BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car Showcases Futuristic Improvements

BMW became an automobile manufacturer on March 7th a century ago and being in the industry for 100 years is definitely a feat. Commemorating the occasion, the company has released a radical concept car showcasing how vehicles might possibly look in the near future.

They have detailed the wide range of features and improvements that one could expect in the car of the future. Named the BMW Vision Next 100, the vehicle is equipped with all the advanced electronics and one of the most ridiculous claims is that the car could change its shape as the driver needs. A lot of things that sounded impossible was made possible with technology and maybe this could be one other innovation that we don’t know yet.


Despite the concept car being out of the world, it still features a driving seat with a steering wheel. BMW strongly believes that drivers will enjoy controlling the vehicle on their own irrespective of the year the car gets launched. In order to make driving fun and easy, the car is equipped with digital intelligence that can adapt on its own by collecting data. It uses central connectivity system which according to the brand will convert an average driver into an ultimate driver.

The Vision Next 100 concept car is designed to offer the spacious interiors ever while the design elements have been retained to show it is made by BMW. The stance and styling is similar to what the company does in all their next gen models but it has been handled in such a way allowing the Next 100 to look as futuristic as possible. They have managed to make the car extremely compact in size resembling the 5 series sedan but the interiors are spacious like the 7 series sedan.


The car is equipped with a brand new Ease mode and a Boost mode. In the former, the steering wheel can just be folded and pushed into the dashboard. It gives all the space a passenger could ask for and allows them to lie back on the seat while the car drives them to the desired location. The dashboard is instead replaced with a touchscreen, holographic HUD. It allows them to watch movies, browse and send e-mails on the go.

Boost mode obviously is all about giving total control to the driver but the car’s artificial intelligence will be active helping the person achieve super human capabilities. The windshield of the car turns into a heads up display providing all the information including speed, the best curve to cut the corner, climate and warnings of hazards. It is similar to driving a rally car in a video game but people will actually be doing it in the real world.

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