BMW X2 is Gearing Up for a World Debut This Week

BMW X2 is gearing up for a grand world debut this week.

The event will take place today over the web and the company has planned to host a press event the next day to reveal the car in person.

2017 BMW X2

The new BMW X2 is the second generation model that expands the X1 lineup and is being built on top of the UKL architecture. Based on the architecture that is being used to build the car, it is known that it will be a front wheel drive and buyers do have the option to upgrade their car to an all-wheel drive system. The biggest change is that BMW is going for a sportier design for the new X2 to offer a fun driving experience.

In terms of design, the new BMW X2 has undergone very minimal changes. It borrows a lot of design cues from the X1 but looks more aggressive. The roofline is sweeping than the previous model and the rear end has undergone some minor changes. The X1 and X2 has a lot of similarities which is not such a bad thing if you are already in love with the former model. BMW has gone with the usual motto ‘when it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it.’

Under the hood, the car is powered by a three-cylinder powertrain and a four-cylinder powertrain. A 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine will be revealed exclusively for the European audience. A 2.0-liter diesel engine is also part of the lineup. The top of the lineup will be dominated by a B48 turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine and it is expected to be released only in the United States.

The powertrain will be mated to a six speed manual gearbox in all regions while you can choose to upgrade it to an eight speed automatic gearbox option. The automatic gearbox will be the default option in all top of the line BMW X2 variants. BMW is also planning to launch a new crossover, SUV model in order to compete with the likes of Audi Q2 crossover.


Details with regards to the BMW X2 is limited at the moment. With just hours to go before the official reveal, we will be able to bring official pictures, specifications and everything else you like to know about the X2. The car is also expected to grace the Paris auto show that is set to go on floors this week.

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