BMW X5 M – a Ludicrously Luxurious SUV with Spellbinding Performance and Pricing

People live in an era where gas prices are soaring high and economy is tumbling down. The craving to own a ludicrously priced SUV that offers them all the comfort in the world is so alluring that it’s tough to say no to it!

Welcome the all new BMW X5 M, which ideally fits this description. The car is not something that anyone needs to commute on a daily basis, but for all the hard work that you put in, you are not wrong if you feel you deserve the luxury it offers. In order to describe it better, a new term has also been coined – the Uber SUV.


On the inside, the X5 M houses all the amazing features that people dream of and if you are looking forward to complaining about its slow speed, it won’t, because the engine offers a torque level that could be compared with the Corvette cars. In other words, when the SUV is spacious and offers high performance, it is obviously going to be priced extremely high and be unexplainably low on fuel economy.

The BMW X5 M delivers just 13 miles per gallon and comes with a six figure price tag. As you have now read all the negatives of the vehicle, it’s time to focus on the things that make it extremely desirable. The SUV weighs a massive 5,300 lb which ensures the smoothest possible ride for the people seated inside. It is also supported by the flat 21” inch wheels and the stiff suspension that powers this 5-seater.

Each person will have enough legroom in this huge vehicle, which also houses a large luggage bottom where you could pack things necessary for a three month long trip. The X5 M is powered by a 4.4 liter twin power V8 engine, which allows it to render an impressive 567 horsepower. The vehicle is exceptionally fast on the road and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3.8 seconds. Considering its weight, this should be an impossible task, but it manages to do so because of the engine housed within.


The interiors are equally breathtaking with beautiful red full merino leather sets, carbon fiber dashboard coupled with aluminum build wherever possible. The uber SUV from BMW promises a long ride that is more than just comfortable for the entire family, if you could afford one. Apart from the M series, the manufacturer is expected to launch a couple of other models as well at the Frankfurt auto show.

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