BMW X5 Next and 7 Series To Be Built On CLAR Platform

It is known that the BMW 7 series cars are built on the CLAR platform and newest update confirmed the BMW X5 is going to go the same route.

The model hit stores three years ago and it is time for a much needed revamp which is what the auto manufacturer plans to do.


With the update to the CLAR platform, the car receives a lot of better upgrades including interior space, engine placement, performance and aerodynamic tweaks. The term CLAR stands for Cluster Architecture and it is dedicatedly designed to be a rear wheel drive system. Many automobile manufacturers are trying to switch to an all-wheel drive or front wheel while BMW is specifically working on making better rear wheel drive systems. However, it is also said that the architecture is versatile enough to be changed into an all-wheel drive model for those who demand it.

The platform is constructed using high strength, durable steel material but it is not entirely made of steel but rather carbon fiber and aluminum materials. The cluster of items allowed the engineers to create a vehicle which is lightweight yet robust at the same time. The architecture assures the best safety possible and better aerodynamics. Carbon fiber materials are quite versatile leading to better weight savings, fuel efficiency but without compromising on overall performance.

The 2017 BMW X5 and the 7 Series aren’t the only models which are being upgraded to the CLAR platform. Betting on the versatility and the reliability of the said platform, BMW has plans to upgrade almost every one of their models to it. The 3 series and the 6 series is confirmed to be upgraded real soon while the X7 SUV will be using CLAR as well. However, in order to suit the bigger body, the platform will be modified in some ways to accommodate the three row seater arrangement.


Talking to the media, the company’s head said that the X5 and the X7 might look a lot similar if pitted against one another. However, the wheelbase is altered and is built on a new panel cell in order to achieve the desired results. The upcoming BMW X5 will be powered by a 3.0-liter straight six-engine while buyers have the option to upgrade it to a V8 engine. The top end of the model will be powered using a V12 while a hybrid version is also on the cards.

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