BMW X7 Next Gen Rumored to Receive an Expensive Four Seater Model

The BMW X7 is a popular SUV because of its cost, jam packed features and the fact that it is made by a reputed manufacturer.

However, it is being the commuters’ choice for a long time and definitely not a car that could compete with Range Rover or Mercedes Benz.


Being the proactive company that BMW is, they are planning to create an elite trimline variant of the upcoming X7 SUV. The company doesn’t have any SUVs that is priced above the $100,000 range. The newly launched X5 M is priced below this mark making them potentially an underdog when compared to companies like Mercedes Benz. It is all about to change because the brand is keen to launch the X7 priced with a six figure tag to join the premium category.

Talking to the media, Ian Robertson, chief sales executive confirmed that two different variants of the X7 will find its way to the dealership stores. One of them will be a three-row SUV which will be designed for mass production and priced above the existing X5. Another luxury variant is in the making and obviously it will be priced way higher than the $100,000 mark setting a new benchmark for the brand. Even though, it sports an increased price tag, the car will reduce its capacity to just four passengers.

The particular model from BMW belongs to the GKL category, known as Grand Klasse in German. The word has an obvious meaning even for those who never had the chance to learn German. It refers to a premium range of cars build on a brand new compact platform. Earlier rumors are now shunned as BMW doesn’t want to build the SUV on Rolls Royce platform as it would make it too expensive. The pricing is pegged at somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000.


The GKL range of cars currently has the BMW 7 series model priced at $126,000 and a 9 series is in production. The manufacturer has not officially confirmed the existence of a new series about the 7 series but it looks solid based on the route BMW has been taking recently. A Maybach version of GLS crossover is also in the cards apart from a compact crossover.

While the automobile manufacturer has plenty of models heading into production with majority of them designed for bulk volumes, they are strongly focusing on the elite category so as to increase brand value.

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