BMW X8 M Rendered Images Surfaces Online Again, Promises 700+ Horsepower

The BMW X8 M has surfaced online yet another time. While the company has been working on multiple variants for 2021 and also improvising their electric lineup, we still have lots of new cars to look forward to in the M division.

A surprising and amazing fact is that they are getting rid of all existing platforms.

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The M Division is developing a brand new platform that is not used in any other BMW car so far. While the automobile industry used to be pretty straightforward, the arrival of electric cars has paved the way for new platforms to be built. Besides, many models never got an upgrade from scratch which makes it great for the new X8 car. After all, for over a decade, the X8 and X7 didn’t get any major upgrade to look forward to. They are supposed to fight head-on with the Mercedes Benz GL Class and GLS models but without such significant improvements, it would be difficult to make it a hit among buyers.

Rendered Spy Shots

As it has always been in the past, a new series of rendered spy shots have emerged online. For big fans of the BMW brand and everyone looking to know more about the X8 M design, this seems like another reason to smile. The renders are done by an artist who has posted it on his Instagram ID @bmw43_on and it is confirmed that they have opted for a rather bold design. The bumper obviously stands proof to the fact that this is designed by the M Division. We can at least say that the artist has a clear idea of how they handle the bumpers combined with the two large air curtains in the front.

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The project was confirmed in 2019 and was also said to be a coupe variant. The X7 and the X5 as well as the X6 share similar design aesthetics. Among the many other X variants which will be available in the near future, the X8 will be the premium vehicle from the M division and will directly compete with both Mercedes Benz and Audi Q8 models. Being on the top-end variant of the automobile spectrum, they will obviously have many features but will also be priced on the higher side for anyone planning to buy one on the launch date.

A posh interior combined with an infotainment system running on BMW OS 8.0 is expected to adorn the car. It will also be capable of delivering about 740 horsepower powered by the V8 petrol engine.

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