BMW Z5 Spy Shots Emerge from a Winter Testing

BMW is working with Toyota to create a brand new super car allegedly known as the Z5 and is the successor to the previously existing model, the Z4.

New spy shots of the vehicle have emerged online and they look very close to what people wanted it to be. While there is no way to see the exterior design and the minor changes of the vehicle because of the camouflage used, it shows the sleek model that BMW has arrived at. The bonnet is quite lengthy which is a trademark design found in every other sports car from the brand, while the kidney grille and the overhangs is also spotted.


Earlier in 2015, BMW officially confirmed that they are building the Z5, but it has taken so long for the photographers to catch a glimpse of the vehicle in action. Even though, the components found in the new car are very similar to the one found in the Z4, it will be totally different in terms of performance and design, confirmed the team.

Another interesting aspect about the vehicle is that it is not being built solo by BMW, but Toyota is also part of the same. When two industry giants come together to build an amazingly fast sports car, it is obvious that buyers and car enthusiasts are super excited to know what’s in store for them.

A bunch of spy shots is the only thing we have at the moment. Official information with regards to the BMW Z5, its specifications and price tag is something we can’t comment on at the moment. Being a sports car, it obviously is not going to be cheap, but it may be affordable for those planning to buy a super powered car.

Besides pricing, it the acceleration and the top of the car will also play a critical role in convincing buyers to go for it. There are plenty of other models to opt for in a similar price range which may offer the same power or something power. But, when BMW and Toyota does it together, there has to be some special improvements in terms of design and powertrain. If they have done it, the Z5 could be the car ready to rock the supercar segment in the automobile world.


There is no word on an official release date yet but it could probably be in 2017, as confirmed by inside sources.

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