BMW750d Is Powered By Quad Turbo Diesel Engine

The diesel emission scandal has slowed down production of cars powered by diesel engines in Volkswagen.

However, other companies including BMW are setting new benchmarks in the industry before VW is back in action.

BMW Quad Turbo Diesel engine

The newly launched BMW750d is powered by a quad turbo diesel engine capable of delivering 560 lb feet of torque, a phenomenal achievement in the world of automobiles without questions. Inducing so much power and force from a single engine was considered to be a myth until the engineers from BMW has made it possible. They have confirmed that when you invest time, money and talent, it is possible to pull off even the most impossible feat. Packing quad turbochargers in a single diesel is a milestone and it may take years but the idea is going to be adopted by mainstream buyers in due time.

BMW’s innovation allowed them to use twinpower turbo technology by using multi-stage turbos and using common rail direct injection. The new powertrain is capable of delivering an impressive 400 horsepower, something not many diesel engines can boast of at the moment. Similarly, it has a total of 560 lb feet of torque. The torque capacity is much higher when compared to the BMW M5. With such power, the car can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds.

When performance and acceleration is energized, buyers expect the car to slow down in terms of fuel efficiency. The BMW750d hardly has any weak areas because it is capable of delivering 49.6 miles per gallon. There might be slight variations in the number yet it is quite high when compared with the total horsepower and torque delivered by the powertrain. Based on the numbers revealed by the company, it is possible that the quad turbo diesel engine is the most powerful engine built in recent times.

BMW 750d Quad Turbo front

A bunch of manufacturing techniques have been implemented in order to achieve the end result. An average buyer may not mind these because it is all about fuel efficiency, acceleration and top speed. BMW has announced the next gen 750d and the diesel engine. But, the automaker is yet to release pictures of the car and show it in person.

They may possibly reveal it at one of the upcoming auto expos and when they do, we will be able to see how it all blends together in person. Actual numbers can be confirmed only when BMW lets reviewers test the car.

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