BMW’s Big New Luxury SUV X7 Teaser Image Released

BMW has confirmed the existence of a high end luxury SUV named X7 which is bigger, offers more passenger space and has an amazing shape.

It’s just the shape that we could make out at the moment because the entire car is covered in a silver wrap, waiting for its grand unveil at the New York expo.


In BMW’s own words, the SUV is poised to change the scenario as the brand has spent at least a decade in making premium segment cars and SUVs. The brand is now working towards creating a sustainable basis. The idea is to reach customers in all categories and sell more cars which should obviously lead to better sales as well as revenue. Highest rate of return is what the company is aiming at the moment.

“We are looking forward to expand the lineup and the BMW X7 is just the first of many. Our team is exploring the possibilities of expanding this potential segment,” said Kruger.

Details related to the upcoming large SUV X7 is not available for now. The company has released a teaser image of the car which shows how it might look. It reveals the size of the vehicle which is definitely large but is compact and should appeal to those who need more space without compromisingon drivability factor.

Even though, the image got released so early, BMW confirmed that the car will not hit dealership stores. The team plans to launch it after two years or so when they are ready. A concept version of the 7 seater SUV is expected to be showcased at one of the important auto expos this year.

While such large cars are patronized by people in most regions, BMW has a strong focus on the North American market. It is one of the region bustling with activity where buyers never hesitate to buy a 7-seater especially when it comes from a reputed brand as this one. Once they cover US, the model will head to China and the Middle East, confirmed the company’s representative.


Six-cylinder engines will be used in the SUV, probably a V8 and another much powerful V12 version. A plug-in hybrid model with eDrive technology is expected to be part of the lineup. For a SUV set to get launched in 2019, hybrid system is mandatory as every other automobile company offers it. BMW has no reason to skip it from their lineup.

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