Bosch Going to Reveal Radical Interior Concept at CES 2016

While there is little you could do to change the exteriors of a vehicle apart from making it stylish, it’s all about futuristic interiors that Bosch is aiming at.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 is going to provide the platform for every automobile manufacturer to show the latest and greatest innovations they have made. Bosch will be one among them. The company will reveal their radical interior concept for the first time at the event. It will feature a touch screen equipped design and many other improvements, which the company believes, will change the way people interact with their cars.

CES 2016

For the first time, the designers from Bosch have incorporated a huge infotainment system. When we say huge, we literally mean it because this particular design stretches across the top of the doors, is in the center console as well as on the driver and passenger side of the car. In other words, it’s like a mini theater screen designed to envelope the passengers in every direction. The console will support both touch screen controls and gestures making it easy to interact with it.

Bosch explained that the touch screen will feature haptic feedback which helps the app developers notify the users of multiple actions. If something is wrong or not available, it can be delivered through the haptic feedback. Similarly, it can also be used to alert them for any notifications. Some may wonder at the size of the screen and the console. But, the designers confirmed that it helps in a lot of ways than you could ever imagine.

The infotainment system will alert with a light and sound on the right corner of the car in case a pedestrian is approaching the vehicle from that side. It makes it much easier for someone to drive in the opposite direction. The same applies for oncoming traffic and will play an integral role in avoiding collisions, added Bosch. It is also equipped with a personal assist system, similar to Cortana and Siri.


The highly intelligent infotainment system will sync with your online calendars and schedule the route based on the location where you need to be. In case an appointment is cancelled en route, it will automatically change directions to favor you to reach a different place. The company added that their next gen console is designed to support smart homes and can communicate with multiple electronic devices to keep things ready when you reach your residence.

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