Brand New Mitsubishi ASX Heading To Stores In 2018

Mitsubishi ASX is heading to stores in 2018 and new spy pictures confirmed how the revamped model for the crossover class would look like.

Mitsubishi ASX

The next generation edition of the ASX is poised as the direct contender for the Honda HR-V and the Suzuki Vitara. The SUV was spotted road testing but was heavily camouflaged. It is no surprise as the car is still in its early development stages. The production version might undergo some major changes before being approved by the engineering team. Mitsubishi, as a brand has some great patronage in U.S. when compared to Europe. The auto company will most probably choose to launch the crossover SUV in USA and gauge buyer response before rolling it out to the rest of the world.

Despite the camouflaging, it was easy to spot that the front fascia of the car is heavily inspired by the Mitsubishi XR PHEV concept car. Instead of going for an aggressive look, the team has toned down the fascia a bit in order to keep it on par with the ASX lineup. The sideliners are the same and quite similar to the existing ASX model. However, the brand might be considering some major changes in the rear end. It was heavily covered up in layers to ensure no design aspect gets leaked before the official reveal.

With newer platform, chassis and major modifications, the next generation Mitsubishi ASX aims to be an all-round car. If made appealing to the general crowd, it has the potential to reach a wide range of buyers in U.S. giving the brand the much needed boost and revenue to focus on other models.

There is no official word on the powertrain used in the ASX new generation SUV Crossover. However, we can be sure that turbo variant of petrol and diesel engines will be offered with a strong focus on plug-in hybrids. 2018 is the year when Tesla is about to launch its Model 3 car and a host of other companies will come up with full electric models of their own.

Mitsubishi ASX 2018

If Mitsubishi aims to make a mark with their SUV crossover, they are supposed to offer hybrid variants but at the same time should focus on conventional engines. It gives buyers enough options to pick from. A refreshed interior with better connectivity and an improved infotainment system is expected to embrace the new ASX model. A whole range of safety tech will also be implemented.

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