Bristol Bullet Is The Comeback Vehicle For Bristol Brand of Cars

The yesteryear brand Bristol is making its comeback into the automobile industry. They are going to launch a new car named Bristol Bullet which will pave way for its entry one more time after a hiatus.

Bristol Bullet

The auto brand has confirmed that the Bristol Bullet will be launched on 26th of this month. The engineers have released a new teaser image to keep people on their toes before the official launch takes place. At the start, the company referred to it as Project Pinnacle mission which has now been renamed with the car’s actual name. The production version of the model will be unveiled at the new Kensington High Street showroom inaugurated by Bristol for their new range of automobiles.

The upcoming Bristol Bullet is the 70th anniversary edition. According to the company’s statement, the car is “an actual reference to the heritage and design associated with the Bristol brand. It stands proof for the perfect craftsmanship of theirs throughout the years.”

Instead of using the worn out aluminum finish, the new Bristol Bullet will go for a next generation carbon fiber chassis. It allows the designers to come up with a lightweight model which is almost similar to the old edition yet innovative in many aspects. The model is set to be powered by a V8 engine. It won’t feature a hybrid powertrain as speculated earlier but will draw the best power out of the naturally aspirated V8 engine.

The concept was already revealed at the Goodwood show which showcased how the production version of the Bullet would look like. The front fascia of the car is spherical with a bonnet scoop and the grille. It is inspired by the Bristol Airplane company engine. Proprietary design aspects including seamlessly flowing wings and the side profile has been inspired by the older generation Bristol cars.


Bristol announced the concept in the year 2014 and it has been a good two years before the car has finally been pushed into production. The V8 engine is expected to produce more than 400 horsepower. Technical specifications of the model had been kept under wraps and we can comment on the same only when the auto brand announces them officially. It can reach from 0 to 62 miles per hour in five seconds.

Bristol Bullet will go into production in the first of 2017. A hybrid version of the same with a GT tag is to be announced after the initial launch.

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