Bugatti Chiron Gets New Teaser Video before Geneva Launch

Bugatti Chiron is the new hyper car the company is working on and it will be the spiritual successor to the hugely popular Veyron.

While it is an obvious fact that the Chiron is not going to be in every garage due to its exorbitant price tags, car lovers just can’t help drooling at this amazing automobile innovation. In an attempt to celebrate the New Year, the designers of the car have released a teaser video on YouTube. It showcases some of the design aspects of the Bugatti Chiron in action for the first time.


The only problem is that they didn’t show any of the cars in metal, but rather other metaphors that sync with the idea the team had in mind when designing the Chiron. There are multiple random occurrences in the video including astronaut walking in space, volcanoes bursting and divers swimming with oxygen tanks. While they are not directly related to the car as we obviously know it, the brand believes that the launch of the hyper car could be so breathtaking that they have used such hyperbole references.

Earlier, the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo got debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. The manufacturers are tight lipped about the specifications of the super car. However, rumors claimed that an 8.0-liter W-16 engine will be used in the vehicle. It is the same quad turbo model used in the predecessor model Veyron, but has been upgraded in multiple areas to render better performance and output.

There will be two different engine models, which will be used in the Chiron. One of them will use direct injection technology while the other will be powered by two different electric turbochargeBugatti Chiron Gets New Teaser Video before Geneva Launch


  1. Rumors already claim that the upcoming Bugatti Chiron is possibly the most powerful car that is under production now. An all-wheel drive system is also expected to be in construction sporting a 7-speed twin clutch gearbox.

For those of you who are interested in the super car despite its intimidating price tag and have the patience to watch random videos made by Bugatti to showcase how good their Chiron is, here’s the teaser video attached for your convenience. The actual launch may take time, but there’s no other go but to wait for the brand to come out with official details.

Chiron will set a new benchmark in the world of automobiles without a doubt in the near future.  

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