Bugatti Reveals Teaser Images of Supercar Chiron Right on Time

Bugatti is getting busy for a bright year ahead because it is going to come up with a brand new supercar named the Chiron, inspired by Louis Chiron a popular race driver in the past.

The automobile company will most probably showcase the vehicle at the upcoming Detroit motor show set to take place in the month of January next year. The designers have revealed a teaser image of the upcoming car. It is totally camouflaged by a huge blue wrap and hardly allows us to know more details about the design elements.


Louis Chiron is the man behind this vehicle who hails from the age of vintage racing in the world of automobile industry. He was the start driver for Bugatti and has won many matches for the manufacturer during the 1920s to the 1930s. Chiron has won multiple Grand Prix titles on Bugatti cars which allowed the brand to gain the much needed traction in a time when automobiles were still in their early stages of innovation.

With a view to commemorate the performance and consistency of the driver, the car manufacturer is going to bring out the supercar Chiron. According to the designer, it is all about making the best significantly better.

The car is a follow up to the hugely successful model Veyron. The car was inspired by the race driver Pierre Veyron. Close on the lines of their other models, the company confirmed that the upcoming launch will be one of the fastest and most powerful supercars that the world has ever seen. It is the fastest vehicle to brace the world, says Bugatti.

Volkswagen, parent company of Bugatti had to face a lot of issues in 2015. They faced the diesel emission scandal which led to billions of dollars in losses. Inside sources claimed that the company will not allow any of their sister concerns to make new cars. Veyron was supposed to be the last in the series, but much to the relief of automobile lovers, the Bugatti Chiron has been announced.


In the concept sketch, we can make out the horseshoe shaped cabin and the distinctive design of the vehicle. Apart from that, there is no clear word on the performance, horsepower and other features that one could look forward to in the supercar. It is going to be a short wait before Bugatti comes out of their hibernation and talk at length about the car that is going to be the new benchmark for years to come.

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