Buick is About to Bring Velite Plug-in Hybrid Model to China

The upcoming Guangzhou auto expo to be held in China will witness some of the important launches and the Buick Velite plug-in hybrid could be one of them.

According to General Motors China, Buick will set a new benchmark for a whole range of electric models and the Velite will serve as a template for them all. The brand is excited about incorporating the Blue new energy vehicle strategy and the Velite is the first of many. Explaining further about their future plans, the automobile brand said that the blue logo will signify the fact that the company is moving into more powerful engines and adopting newer technology to promote a greener planet.

Buick Velite Plug-in Hybrid Model

An official teaser image of the upcoming plug-in hybrid model was released by the company, giving buyers a glimpse of what to expect from their launch. The car will be showcased for the first time at the Guangzhou auto expo which commences on November 18th. From the picture, it is easy to see that the front fascia of the car will be dominated by a narrow grille and it has such a sleek profile with rippling curves on the hood. A curvaceous finish adds to the overall style quotient of the model which are appropriately complimented by large LED headlights.

The new blue that Buick has adopted can be found in the Velite plug-in hybrid as a thin blue accent. It runs through the length of the car and seamlessly integrates into the tri-shield Buick logo. The model is more of a concept at the moment and might undergo some significant changes before it goes into production. It is to be powered by the Spark Ignition Direct Injection technology, also known as SIDI. The advantage of using this particular technology is that it is designed to work with an electric motor and deliver impressive horsepower by harnessing the power of the petrol or diesel engine.

2017 Buick LaCrosse Hybrid

Along with the SIDI engine, the Velite plug-in hybrid uses an intelligent electric drive system developed by GM connected to a modular lithium ion battery. Buick earlier revealed the LaCrosse hybrid electric model at the Shanghai expo. GM has some huge EV plans for China and has confirmed that they will launch 10 different models in the country, both EVs and hybrids by 2020. When the concept model is revealed next week at the expo, we will have more information to share about the Velite.

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