Cadillac Boss Confirms Upcoming Flagship Model Is Not A Four Door Sedan

Cadillac is building its big flagship model but the car is not going to be a four door sedan, confirmed the company’s boss Johan de Nysschen.

Cadillac Escala

Nysschen is known for his outspoken nature and he has made some open announcements in the past before Cadillac executives could come up with their press releases. Some of them have been like the one related to this flagship model while others sometimes become an open call to their competitors. He made a post in Facebook about a year ago explaining how good the Cadillac V series models are.

The Cadillac boss went on to claim that their upcoming cars are much better than what the Audi RS, Mercedes AMG or the BMW M Division offers. After a long break, he has come up with some interesting updates and has revealed future plans of the automobile brand. In an article, vice president of the company said that the flagship model was cancelled. Nysschen made a correction to the article saying that it was not cancelled but has been modified.

Instead of going for a Lux 5 sedan four door model, the company is going for something entirely new. While Johan de Nysschen didn’t openly confirm it, Cadillac has already debuted the Escala concept at Monterey car week. The five door model is rumored to be the future for the Cadillac brand. It is much bigger than a sedan and offers a range of features that a small car wouldn’t be able to compete with.

The design of the car could be based on the Chevrolet Corvette Zora. The auto brand’s boss confirmed that they have worked with the designers and the final plan for the flagship has been done. It has been submitted to the board for review and approval. Once they do so, the concept will be built and shown at an auto expo before the production version is ready.

Cadillac Escala rear

It is too early to comment on the powertrain that will be used in the upcoming Cadillac flagship but it will definitely be top of the line, probably a refreshed V8 engine. The executive added that they have planned to expand with new energy applications. The idea of using a plug-in hybrid and an electric version is definitely not ruled out. The team is working on the possibility of using them while delivering the performance and torque that is expected of any flagship model.

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