Cadillac Is Going For A New Design With Escala Concept Car

The entire series of cars from Cadillac brand is about to undergo a major design change and it has been previewed in the new Escala concept car.

Cadillac Escala

The Monterey car week is a favorite spot for auto manufacturers this month. They have been rolling out one model after another at the expo, showcasing their prowess and the features the team has come up with. The Cadillac Escala concept is no different even though it is not going to bring in radical changes like the Ciel or the Elmiraj. Launching the concept car, the company’s top executives commented that they are looking forward to implement this new change for all future cars.

“When people think of bold, sporty and courageous all at once, Cadillac symbolizes the idea. The brand has continued to make bold models throughout the years. But, like everything else, it is time to change and evolve into something new that is fit for the future. This is how the future of Cadillac is going to be,” announced Johan de Nysschen, the company’s president.

Describing the new design ushered in by the Escala concept, Nysschen said that it is the start of an era when the brand is about to move from hard, crisp wedge to something more organic and sporty muscularity. When we saw the concept model, it was bit difficult to understand how it describes being organic. However, the changes in overall design was evident and it looked a lot different when compared to the conventional Cadillac we are used to.

The proportions of the new platform have been highly modified so as to enable the same body depth and wheel height in all models. The proportions will remain the same irrespective of the model a buyer opts for. Vertical lighting has always defined the Cadillacs and the team has decided to keep it as it distinguishes them from their competitors.

Cadillac Escala rear

At first look, the new Escala from Cadillac had a low and wide look which is achieved by sweeping horizontal elements used on the top. They create an optical illusion making the car look wider than it actually is, accentuating its bold looks further.

Escala was designed in a production design studio while the other two models, Elmiraj and Ciel were made in a concept studio. It signifies the fact that Cadillac is interested in making the Escala concept the benchmark car for every other future models to come.

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