Cadillac Is All Set To Launch Futuristic Interior Concept At Pebble Beach

Pushing the futuristic design further, Cadillac is all set to launch a new interior concept at the Pebble Beach event.

Cadillac Is All Set To Launch Futuristic Interior Concept At Pebble Beach

Almost all major brands in the automobile world have come up with next gen interiors of their own. Mercedes has expanded theirs with new wide-screen cockpit in their E-class model while Audi has the extremely impressive virtual cockpit. The automobile brands are quite proud of their creations and are looking forward to implement them in all their future models. Close in the lines, Cadillac is going to revamp and launch their first ever dash concept at the Pebble Beach expo.

Cadillac has partnered with LG to overhaul their dashboard and integrate some new tech features into it. Inside sources suggest that the company will use high-resolution OLED display to control the infotainment system. The large screen, probably 8-inches or bigger will provide information on multiple segments including speed, distance covered, satellite navigation with routes and audio/video media content.

While the dashboard will be filled up to the brim with features, the designers have opted for a minimalistic feel to the rest of the car. Driver and the passengers onboard will now be able to sync their calendar app with the infotainment system. You will no longer miss any important meetings, trips planned as the media device will send customized alarms on the go.

The brand has adopted a new 3D graphics for the menu. It brings a new change because users are used to primitive design on their dashboard displays. For the first time, Cadillac is going to change it and make it look more stylish, on par with current generation smartphones and tablets. Besides, when it sports a touchscreen, the system should obviously display information in an easy-to-read manner with graphical representation.

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A narrow spoked steering wheel is used in the latest generation Cadillac. The design brings back nostalgic emotions as it is inspired by the original models from the 1960s and the 70s. There is no word on the first model to use the dash concept design. We may know those details and much more when Cadillac brings their concept to the Pebble Beach event set to take place in California.

All major automakers are heading to the expo to showcase their best cars, concept models and technological improvements. The event has generated so much hype already and will probably be a car lover’s dream come true.

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