CES 2016: Faraday Future Shows a 1000 HP Supercar with Ridiculous Design

Funded by a Chinese organization, Faraday Future claims to be the new Tesla and will be launching multiple electric cars in the near future.

The first in line is an insanely powerful super car which boasts of 1000 horsepower and to be honest, it looks ridiculously designed. The car looks a lot like the bat mobile from the movies in the 70s. It hardly has any value for aerodynamics and has been made with design aesthetics in mind with no ground clearance at all. The entire enthusiast community which attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 opined the same.


Before the launch, it was repeatedly said that Faraday Future will give a tough run for Tesla. The electric car maker is one of the most popular brands around the globe. They have launched the Model S, the Model X SUV and are also working on a brand new vehicle designed for the masses. Despite the launch delays the company had, they actually shipped cars which were fit for roads and is being used by many.

However, Faraday Future looks like they didn’t live up to the promise. The 1000 horsepower super car is an exorbitant claim for a vehicle which is just a clamshell at the moment. It was displayed at the CES floor that made most people feel doubtful of its actual performance on the road.

In order to prove the crowd that their car does work, the company has also released a video teaser that showcases their FFZERO1 in action. It could be animated or made possible with the help of multiple working models. Whatever the reason is, it’s just a teaser and an empty model car at the moment.

CES 2016

The FFZERO1 is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds. The design of the car is primarily made of carbon fiber material and has a glass top to allow the passengers to view the open sky.

Apart from the launch, Faraday Future confirmed that the company will not be producing the super powered car first. They simply want to exhibit the power of their gig factory and the type of vehicles it could produce. The brand plans to come up with electric vehicles that are cost efficient and have great mileage in order to reach the buyers. It will launch in 2017, according to their official statement. For now, take a look at these photos.

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