CES 2016: Volkswagen Brings Budd-e Electric Truck to Show Floor

The electric microbus Budd-e from Volkswagen was rumored earlier and is now official as the makers showcased it at the show floor at CES 2016.

Unlike any year, the Consumers Electronics Show this year is populated by plenty of new car launches, technological advancements and many automobile manufacturer stalls out there. Ford, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and even a new EV car maker Faraday Future came to attend CES with their best cars.

CES 2016

The show witnessed the launch of the 1000 horsepower electric super car from technology expo. While it is still a concept vehicle at the moment, the company Faraday Future has promised that they will make it possible in the next two years.

Volkswagen on the other end revealed their Budd-e microbus which is built on the Modular Electric Drive Kit, MEB platform. Earlier, the brand tried to refuse all the rumors and didn’t want the crowd to know that they are actually launching a van at the show. It may not be the best news for the company because of the ongoing diesel engine issues. However, when it was unveiled, the crowd was jubilant. The unique design and the technical specification of the car was enough to keep them interested in it.

The Volkswagen Budd-e electric car is integrated with two different electric motors, one in the front and another in the rear. It is essentially a four wheel drive, but given the shape of the van, we assume it may not fulfill the roll of a Toyota truck or uphill drives. The mileage is the biggest advantage of the said vehicle. It is said to deliver a massive 233 miles on a single charge.

This can easily accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.9 seconds. The power is rendered by the electric motors and there is no gasoline powered engine to keep it running. It’s bigger in size than the Touran, yet compact to drive. The huge grille, LED lights and the rounded square design of the car makes it look appealing.

CES 2016

Internet of Things is integrated into the vehicle, allowing the users to control devices in their home from the car. It uses gesture control to navigate through the infotainment system. Within 15 minutes, the vehicle can reach full charge and it will also notify you of any parts getting worn out due to regular usage. A brilliant car that might be the facelift VW needs.

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