Chevrolet Debuts New Corvette Grand Sport

A brand new version of the Corvette Grand Sport was unveiled at the Geneva auto expo 2016 by Chevrolet. The original Grand Sport came into being as a racing package for the Corvette which later acquired a strong name for its own.

The latest version of the car is made to be user friendly on the road with great handling, performance and a suspension system with maximum comfort for the riders. The standard engines are tuned to deliver increased power on the road without compromising on fuel efficiency. The 2017 version of the car is no different and continues to follow the path set by the Grand Sport package from the 1960s.


It is powered by a 6.2-liter LTI engine rendering 460 horsepower. Keeping the car cool under pressure is an improved cooling system and dry sump lubrication. Both these components are from the Z51 performance pack. They are proven to be efficient as the performance pack is available for sometime and has been adopted by a bunch of users already.

The latest variant of the car enjoys an uprated suspension system coupled with magnetic ride control mechanism. It uses Michelin tires, has unique anti-roll bars and springs. Brembo brakes are retained from the original model with six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston calipers in the rear.

For the convenience of buyers, Chevrolet is offering the Corvette Grand Sport as a coupe and a convertible. Buyers seeking style and fun ride might obviously go for the convertible while those who seek productivity have the coupe to go for. The car is available with a manual gearbox and an eight speed automatic transmission system.

Being a powerful vehicle on road, it is evident that some may wish to push its capacity even further for which Corvette offers a Z07 race track upgrade package. The pack includes Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, carbon ceramic braking system and aerodynamic aids to keep it stable at extremely high speeds.


Official pricing for the vehicle is yet to be confirmed. The Grand Sport goes for sale in the European market this autumn followed by other regions. After the initial launch, a Grand Sport Collector Edition is incoming with exclusive glen grey metallic paint, satin black stripes and black wheels.

A bunch of pictures has been released by Corvette which gives a sneak peak into the luxurious interiors and the posh finish. The car is simply one of a kind vehicle that stands out in terms of design and on-road performance.

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